EFI Conversion Parts

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DFI Wasted Spark Coilpak Ignitions
We (update, used to) import from USA, used 4, 6 and 8 cyl magnetic reluctor pickup type coilpaks. These are very similar to our Commodore V6 coilpaks, but have a much easier crank trigger to duplicate, unlike the Hall effect type that Commodore and Buick use.
You can also use Corvette LT5, or Cadillac Northstar V8 coilpaks and all of these can be run easily on most Delco computers, in particular, Delco models that we have Kalmaker software written for.
What this means is, that any engine with the most difficult ignition to convert, can easily be converted to one of the best ignition systems available. This includes Nissans, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Ford etc.
See How to setup Crank Trigger

Idle Air Control mounting blocks
We make (update, check availability) IAC mounting blocks to suit various engine conversions where necessary to use the GM IAC to suit the Delco
So far we are making to suit
VL Commodore RB30
Ford Throttle body, fit's most Fords.
Ford Falcon XE EFI 6 cyl, replaces existing on manifold
In line type, fits most vehicles, and connects with hose between manifold and air cleaner.

New  Lo Impedance Injector Driver
We make our own "Big Squirt" Lo Impedance Injector Driver, that will drive 2 ohmn injectors in place of the high impedance 14 to 16 ohmn units.
We have 2 models
Our base model  has one driver and suits 4's and 6 cylinders
We also have a two driver version suitable for V8's
Our Intro price is $100 for single unit
And $180 for the two driver unit See photos

Piggy Back Vehicle Speed Sensor  (VSS)
We stock Speed Sensors that screw into the transmission where the original cable type speedo drive goes, and then the speedo cable screws into the back of these. We have different threads and types to suit most vehicles.
We recommend using a speed sensor on all conversions. It keeps the computer informed about what is happening, and this has a big play on the IAC (idle air control) stepper motor on the throttle body, which prevents stalling and smoothes things out in throttle transitions, a big advantage over the aftermarket.

Power Head Harness
Our Power Head Harness plugs into both the V6 and V8 Commodore efi engine harness, and provides the Ignition and Fuel Pump Relays and fuses and basically does the job that the old Body Harness did, but without all the other cumbersome bits attached.
It only requires a 4 wire hookup to get the engine up and running.