Wiring Diagrams

We have various engine management wiring diagrams  to suit most applications when installing into  another vehicle.
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Above is a diagram showing the magnetic reluctor type ignition module as used in the 4 cylinder Holden Camira JE, and the Chev V8 TPI and TBI distributors.
These ignition modules can be connected to any other brand of magnetic reluctor type distributor, to the 2 pins ( P & N ) as shown, such as Ford, Chrysler, Nissan etc.
These ignition modules are used in conjunction with the matching GM coil and any of the 4 wire ignition interface type of Delco computer.
This includes all the Australian Delco's and many USA models including the 86 to 89 Chev TPI 1227165 and the '90 TPI 1227730 as shown above. 

The pick up coil as shown functions the same in all magnetic reluctor type
distributors, such as your Chrysler, Ford, Nissan etc, and its only a matter
of connecting the 2 wires from the pickup coil inside the distributor to the
GM igntion module ( P & N terminals ) and this then connects to the Delco.
The pinouts vary between Delco computer models, but so long as you match
the 4 wire interface ( EST, Reference, Bypass, and Ref Low ) to the correct
wiring diagram to suit the computer model you are using, it will work fine.
The 808 ecm for instance is
EST = D4
Ref = B5
Byp = D5
Ref Low = B3

Similarly, if using a Hall Effect disributor from any brand of 4, 6, or V8,
you simply use a V8 Holden EFI ignition module and connect the 3 wires from
the Hall Effect pickup inside the dissy, and connect to the ignition module
( Hall Effect Type) and computer as shown on the matching wiring diagram to
suit the model computer you are using.
If using a 808 or 165, it will still be the same 4 wires as above,

Similarly, if using a GM 4, 6, or V8 DFI coilpak system with either Magnetic
or Hall Effect Crank Trigger, you still use the same system.

These are the 3 types of ignition interface that GM use with these model
The down side is that some other brand engines use optical or sequential
ignition systems that wont interface with the Delco easily eg the Lexus V8.

Many aftermarket computers have the ability to simply select what type of
ignition you are using, making things very easy to connect,
however, it comes back to overall ability of the software versus simplicity,
and to many its worth the extra work to interface the GM ignition onto the
engine they are using.

Many older engines that ran distributors either had an electronic
distributor available from newer engines, or there are aftermarket items available today, so are easily adapted to the appropriate GM ignition module.

Newer engines, can either have a Hall Effect trigger added to the crank
(such as Lexus) and then use existing distributors, or
add DFI Coilpaks which require quite a basic easy to fabricate crank
These magnetic reluctor pickup type coilpaks are the type GM use on their :-
4 cyl - Chev S10, Cavalier, Lotus, Lada Niva TBI etc
6 cyl - Chev V6
8 cyl - Corvette ZR 1 (LT-5 engine only)

The Buick / Commodore V6 use a twin Hall Effect 3 x 18 type pickup, and is a
very nice system, but it is more difficult to fabricate the trigger to suit
other applications.