Kalmaker Workshop
Software Pricing

Kalmaker at present have 38 different Workshop Operating Systems, from VN through to VY Super 6, and these were all previously sold at individual prices, which made it cost prohibitive to buy the complete Kalmaker range.
We realised that if we want Tuning Workshops to have our complete range so they can tune all models, including 2 & 3 bar, then we needed a change of strategy
So here it is,

In keeping with our original tradition, we have introduced 
Intro Deal 1 for Enthusiasts and Workshops alike, for a bargain price of $275
The Intro Deal 1 suits VN to VS V8 manual, natural aspirated.

On top of this, we are offering
Intro Deal 2, if purchased together with Intro Deal 1, to suit VR and VS auto for an extra $275 totaling $550.
Alternatively, we are offering Intro Deal 2 alone for $440

Complete Workshop Package
We have our Complete Kalmaker Workshop package now for only

Our aim is to have Tuning Workshops equipped with our full range, so that all Commodore owners have the opportunity to get their cars tuned to suit their needs, and no models miss out .

For those that feel the Complete Package is a bit much for them, we are offering a
Half Workshop Package for $1760, and that half can be their choice of either, the Natural Aspirated Package, the Forced Induction Package, or V8 or V6 Package.

Finally, if that's too much for the budget, we are offering a
Quarter Pack, which consists of either the Natural or Forced Induction pack of either the V6 or V8 Pack for $1100

These Packages only include the software, and do not include the real time computers required for realtime on the fly tuning and scanning/datalogging
Real Time computer details are here

See Details here for
Security Licenses that are required for each tune you do.