Kalmaker Workshop
Software Pricing

With our recent restructuring of all our software re pricing we have introduced a new deal to newcomers. This is also available to existing Kalmaker Street Pro 3 users (that already have a Realtime 808 ecm), that are looking at a cheaper option to tune Natural Aspirated VN to VS manual Commodores.

Our KALMAKER INTRO package consists of Workshop W00 (suit VN/VP) and W10 (suit VR/VS) natural aspirated, software only. (ie. No realtime ecm)
This Special Offer is $275
Option 1 is aimed at both newcomers and those guys already playing with the 808 ecm, or contemplating other aftermarket options, so that we can show you the benefits of using Kalmaker, all for a bargain price. Hopefully this will pave the way for you into our other programs.
But wait, there's more…….
Intro Deal 2


Click here for information on
Realtime options and Security Licenses

Also Note,  there is only limited support included with these Intro Deals Option 1 & 2, but you are welcome to use the Kalmaker Forum where there is help and other users to compare notes with.

As mentioned in the Package Pricing post, our aim is to have Tuners fully equipped with the complete Kalmaker Software lineup, and even though the package deal is by far the best deal, these Intro deals are the next best deal.
However, if you buy programs individually as money permits, there will be a cut off point where you qualify for the complete package deal, but this will end up costing a bit more in the long run, as we are encouraging you to buy the package in the beginning.

Finally, included is a CD with a Powerpoint presentation showing you the way around Kalmaker. Also included on this CD is Help that I have written in plain English, for the 25 Most Used Maps for each Program, as well as the 4L60e Automatic section with, How to, When to and Which maps are used where,  information.  This information is about the procedure of tuning, and from this you should be able to get up and running.   

Email for more info and ordering