Kalmaker Workshop

Workshop is a series of packages to suit the different Delco computer models and can either be bought as one complete package or in separate modules as listed below
If your vehicle is fitted with the 4L60e electronic automatic transmission, you will need the appropriate series of Workshop to suit.
See chart at bottom.

NOTE Do not confuse Workshop with our Street Pro series that only suits the Delco 808 non electronic transmissions, that is, T700 and earlier auto's, with or without Lock up Torque Converters, or any other manual trans.

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Some things to note with Workshop are

  • Kalmaker Workshop is specific to Australian PCM computers models only.
  • There are 2 Bar Programs to suit all the modules listed below for super/turbo charged engines.
  • All the Programs are based on and have the same features as the Factory Software. All of the Workshop Programs are intended for Model Applications listed below only. 
  • Programs W00 and W10 cover the same models as Street Pro 3, but Street Pro 3 has many more software features than the Factory Software, giving Street Pro 3 more flexibility for engine conversions and/or higher performance engines, however Workshop can still handle very tough engines.
  • Workshop still requires Security PALs, but the price of PALs are from $130 , compared to Street Pro 3 at $280 each.
  • Workshop is intended for Workshops and is much more financially viable than Street Pro 3, and is structured so that it is possible to build up module by module, paying its way, on the way.
  • Workshop is very complex software especially from module W40 upwards( VS Ecotech V6), where sequential injection begins, as well as Mass Air Flow
  • It is recommended to become familiar with Street Pro 3 or preferably Workshop W20 or W30 which includes 4L60e, prior to moving onto W40 onwards.   

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