• Are you looking for an aftermarket Fully Programmable Engine Management System to run your std or modified EFI engine
     either Natural aspirated or Turbo / Supercharged ?
  • Have you got a Commodore, modified the engine, and now you're wondering how're you going to get it to run right , and be able to extract the power its capable of ?
  • Well you've found the answer, GM have one of the best Engine Management Systems in the world already fitted, the AC Delco.
  • Combine the Delco with Kalmaker Software, the only software in the world that has managed to combine:-
          -Real Time Programming (changes on the fly via laptop)
          -Real Time Hi Speed  Diagnostics (full data log features)
          -No Emulator or chip burning required
          -Written in Plain English ( no hex )
     and you now have the most flexible, most drivable, most
     powerful package available.
  • GM have spent millions developing their software, and Kalmaker have converted it to English (from Hex), presented it with easy to read maps and gauge screen so that even the wildest engines can be tuned and driven to perfection.
  • What's more, the Delco computer can be fitted to just about any engine, including Hi-Po Japanese and German makes, and even Evo Harley Davidson.

This takes the "Black Art" out of modifying factory chips, and now means that most EFI enthusiasts can be equipped to, and with some practice can produce better "tailor made to each engine"   results than even the best  "chip hackers" that produce aftermarket chips.

This gives you, the Petrol Head, 2 options:-
  • You can either buy the software from us to suit your year-model computer (ECM or PCM), and tune it yourself with your laptop connected to the Delco in Real Time ( on the fly), or,
  • We can put you in contact with the nearest  Kalmaker Tuning Centre, so you can have it re-mapped and dyno tuned professionally for you.

No more generic aftermarket chips, no memcals required.
Kalmaker includes many complete Factory calibrations, which are used for base maps,  just plug in, load and play. No starting from scratch.
At end of session, unplug laptop and continue driving. It's as easy at that.

So What is Kalmaker Software ?

All Kalmaker software programs are written in a special format that converts factory calibrations from Hex language into English, and is laid out in pages showing individual maps that are very easy to read and visualise, unlike Hex.
On top of this, this software, once loaded in Laptop, can link to the ecm/pcm, and each one of these many maps can be edited in real time while the engine is running, immediately reacting to the changes
without having to burn chips etc every time a change is made. It is not governed by factory limits. You are free to change what you want, by as much as you want, as often as you want.
When you are finished, you can unplug your laptop from the ecm/pcm, and continue to run your vehicle with its updated calibration for as long as you wish, or until you plug in again for your next session.
The Real time computer supplied uses an Eeprom (electronically erasable eprom) to store the calibration, therefore eliminating the need to burn an eprom onto a chip, or use of an emulator.
This Eeprom functions a little bit like a floppy disc, in so far as you can add to it, or even write over it with a new calibration anytime you want from your laptop.
The ecm computer can be unplugged from the vehicle, and the Eeprom and calibration can last up to 10 years without power, meaning, that if you plug back into vehicle within that time, it will still run and perform like it did before unplugging.

There are 3 groups of Kalmaker Software --
Street Pro Series             (suits ecm 1227808, 16183082, and 1227165)
Workshop Series             (suits all Australian ecm/pcm computer models excluding GEN 3 / LS-1)
Corvette/ Camaro/ Firebird Series      (suits 1227165, the 727 & 730.)  ( not available for sale yet)

Our Street Pro Series has many extra features and addresses not found in factory software
Kalmaker has used many different fantastic GM software features found in vehicles such as Pontiac Turbo, Buick Turbo and along with that added many Kalmaker designed features and added it all to one package.
Street Pro software suits ECM only, which is suitable for Manual Transmission and has Lock up Torque Converter Control to suit TH-700 Automatic Transmission.
Street Pro 3 is not suitable for 4L60E electronic transmissions.
We have later model Workshop software to run electronic transmissions.      Models Listed here
Street Pro is intended for High Performance GM engines and also for Conversions of other non-GM engines, such as Japanese turbo 4, 6 & 8 cylinder models to run on the Delco computer.

If You followed and "took in" the last paragraph, have a look at this link to see what trouble some guys go to that don't know about Kalmaker
I congratulate all the guys concerned here and how in the true spirit of hotrodding have grafted the 2 bar computer from a Turbo Chevy Cyclone, into a F Body Camaro fitted with aftermarket supercharger all in order to gain the use of the 2 bar program.
This is exactly where we borrowed the software code from and added it to our 808 Delco platform. Amazingly this is near identical to the 165 ecm originally found in his car, so in this case would have been a direct plug-in, with only the other mods required that he made to change from MAF to MAP sensor.
The point here is, if some guys are prepared to go to this extreme, you can do it easier using our Kalmaker Street Pro 3 kit which gives you even more features, and is in real Time, and is in English.
It saves heaps of time, no emulator, no hex, and what's more you will even learn more about what you are actually doing.

KALMAKER Street Pro 3 features are :-
All factory features including
    Limp Home Mode
    All Trouble Codes
    Self Learning in Closed Loop
Includes Factory and HSV converted Calibrations. Simply Load and Drive. No need to start from scratch.
Full Real Time Editing and Total Reprogramming capabilty
Full Real Time Diagnostic with Data logging of Engine Inputs, Outputs, All Functions
MAP sensor or Air Frequency Meter (MAF) (optional extra)
TPS mode ( ignores MAP sensor in User defined region)
Closed Throttle Fuel Map for idle quality with large cams (ignores MAP sensor at closed throttle only)
Closed Loop Fuel Control
Closed Loop Idle Control
1, 2 or 3 bar MAP sensor
Twin Tables for different fuels
Self Tuning VE Fuel Update
Single Fire injector pulse for idle quality for large injectors
Lean Cruise Mode
VT style Knock Sensor Control which can ignore noise such as roller rockers and forged pistons
MAT (manifold air temp) Spark Correction
Water Injection either direct off/on or duty cycled to suit Aquamist etc
Closed Loop Electronic Wastegate Control
Idle Speed Correction for A/C, Fan, PN/DR transitions
Full mapping to 9600 rpm
Adjustable Rev limiter
Boost cut
Many more……...

The Benefits of Kalmaker Software combined with the Delco computer are:-

Drivability, undoubtedly the biggest benefit over all other aftermarket systems.
Low Initial Cost
Low ongoing and running costs
Low replacement part costs eg computer and sensors etc
Whole new system not required for each vehicle, only the Protection PAL required.
System supplied with many factory complete calibrations. You don't have to start from scratch.
Vehicle can be serviced or analyzed by GM Dealer if breakdown occurs using factory manuals or Tech 1
Service Engine Soon light (warning light) to warn of potential problem
Service light will also flash trouble codes without having laptop connected.
Self Learning that keeps engine "clean" as engine ages.
Fuel economy, especially with Lean Cruise mode selected.
Deluxe Idle Control, for warm up, PN/Drive step up, AC step up, Fan step up etc
Decel fuel to save catalytic converter and emissions.
Has capability to pass stringent emission tests.
A major benefit to workshops is, not having to add the expense of an aftermarket system to a high
             performance rebuild

As with any computer, it is used as the platform to run the software, and as such , the better the software, the better the computer can function.
This is a very powerful combination and the beauty is , GM have done all the hard work and spent millions developing the system, and Kalmaker have combined all the good stuff and tweaked it further for higher performance.
Although the 808 model Delco ecm (used in Street Pro 3) doesn't run sequential injection, there is no other brand of ecu, either factory or aftermarket that comes even close in performance and flexibility, and can be accessed and recalibrated in Real Time, and the operator doesn't have to be Einstein to use it.

Sound too good to be true. Well its for real, and we been doing it since 1988 !
Yes 14 years……..there are hundreds of cars out there running Kalmaker.
From several Horsepower Heroes winners to very quick Drag cars to daily driven sports machines and Hot Rods.

All this for only $1210AUS including a Real Time ECM. You only require Laptop.

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