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Kalmaker Street Pro 3 kit

  • Everything you need to get you up and running (except Laptop),-  includes Real Time GM Delco Computer (ECM) , fitted with Real Time Development Board (RT 102), Dongle and interface cable (to link up to Laptop), all Software, Manuals now on disc, and one (1) Security Device (Pal). One (1) resistor pack is supplied to suit either V8 , V6 or 4 cyl. Specify when ordering.
  • Street Pro 3 allows reprogramming of GM Holden Delco computer (ECM) from models VN-VP Commodore, 1.6 & 1.8 Pulsar/Astra, 2.0 Camira and VL Walkinshaw. See Models List
  • Street Pro 3 now includes either upgraded VN ECM or VR ECM depending on availability, complete with the necessary Serial Port plug and cable to link to laptop. The system has been tested ready for hassle free installation.

Kalmaker Street Pro 3,  2 & 3 Bar upgrade now included

  • If you wish to work with supercharged or turbocharged engines you will need the 2 bar or 3 bar program, known as N 05 or N 06 depending on how much boost you are running.
  • The 2 bar and 3 bar programs have several extra features required for blown engines such as water injection control, waste gate control, inlet air temp/main advance control, an extra closed throttle fuel map, to name a few
  • Note that a 2 bar or 3 bar MAP sensor is required extra.

Kalmaker Street Pro 3, TPS upgrade  now included 

This upgrade is for use when either using humungus cams with low idle vacuum or when using multi throttle body manifolds with no plenum ie Hilborn mechanical injected manifold converted to electronic.
The ECM uses the TPS ( throttle position) signal for reference instead of MAP signal when MAP signal is unreliable. The operational range can be dialed in so that you can select what revs you wish to operate in TPS mode Under 1800 rpm etc it operates in TPS mode, and above that in MAP mode, allowing full use of transient fuel and all other features.