Complete  Real Time ECM 

  • You can buy an additional complete Real Time ECM if you wish to setup another vehicle. This is a good option if you wish to make regular changes to calibration. Doing it this way saves you requiring an eprom burner, and having to burn eproms each time you save the calibration, and also not having to unplug and change ecm's each time from vehicle to vehicle. You just leave the Real Time ECM in and plug your laptop in when ever you want. This is what we do on our own cars. It costs a little more, but is very convenient.

Additional Security Pals (Security Device)                                   

  • Kalmaker does not require memcals, as you can use Real Time computers in each car ( see above) however, a cheaper option is to save the calibration from a Real Time ecm onto a memcal. This option requires a Security Devices (Pal) for each memcal. You can program as many vehicles as you like running each vehicle individually on the Real Time ECM supplied with Kalmaker,  but if you wish to remove the Kalmaker Real Time ECM from one vehicle but you require to run that same vehicle with the new calibration then you need to either setup another Real Time ECM, or burn an eprom and install into a  Memcal with a PAL into a standard ECM for that vehicle.

  • Note  that the new Memcal with the extra PAL can still be altered as often as required with  an eprom programmer (burner).

  • The PALs are required to protect the calibrations from being copied and reproduced. Also this pays Kalmaker a royalty for each vehicle reprogrammed.

  • Note, that from W40 onwards (VS V6 Ecotech), Kalmaker uses a Security Code (rather than the PAL as used in earlier ECM's and PCM's) as these PCM's store an idividual unique ID code which can be read out by the way the Check Engine Light flashes, and from this a Kalmaker code can be generated. These codes are priced in a similar manner to the PALS 

Resistor Packs
  • Each Memcal has 2 sets of resistor packs on them, programmed to suit either 8, 6, or 4 cyl and therfore are specific to engine type. This give the vehicle a Limp Home Mode if ever a system failure occurs.
  • Therefore, we have different detachable resistor packs when using  Real Time Boards, and these are simply changed to suit engine type.

Piggy Back VSS Speed Sensor
We keep these in stock, and they are available with different thread types to suit most transmissions or transfer cases.
The drive pins in the photo can be swapped around to suit different cables.