Here are some of our favourite links. We thank them for the use of some of their photowork to help brighten our site.If you know of any links that helps promote our sport please let us know.
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Hot Rod Handbooks Frank (Choco) Munday has written several auto books including the Small Block Chev -Tuned Port Injection, which goes into great detail about wiring one of these up and what all the sensors do etc. This is a very similar system to the Australian Holden Commodore and in fact runs the same model Delco.
Also his latest book Electronic Engine Management, covers a broad spectrum of management systems,  and inlet manifold systems. 

Graffiti Publications
Larry O'Toole also writes some very interesting books from Flatheads to rebuilding TH -700's.
He is also the Publisher/Editor of "Australian Street Rodding" magazine which sets the industry standard here
Graffiti also stock one of the largest collections of auto "how to" books, including Oz and from USA.

Dons Auto Pages EFI 
This Site has some amazing links and info on it
Get your Surf gear on…….

Forced Induction Technologies
These guys carry performance gear for SC 3800 Supercharged Holden V6
Tony has Blower pulleys that can be installed without removing blower.
Hi lift roller rockers and more…..

Mark's 4wd  fabricates and sells all sorts of parts for engine conversions etc into 4wd's

Mark's Workshop produces their own supercharger kits to suit VN to VY. Mark's fanatic attention to engineering, make these truly one of the best developed kits available.

V6 Conversions carry many parts etc especially for installing V6 Commodore into earlier Holdens.

Injection Perfection in Sydney specialise in performance EFI parts and reprogramming.

Zap's Rat is the fastest tin top Doorslammer in the world, or course making it the fastest HQ Holden in the world. Zap lives just down the road from me, and runs Kalmaker on his 560 cube Rat Transporter Bus

Maximum Torque Specialties is a 472 & 500 Cadillac performance centre. They fabricate EFI manifolds for these beasts, and all sorts of other goodies. My favourite Big Boy.

Hot Rod Cadillacs specialise in performance Northstar quad cam V8 aluminuim Cadillac engines

C.O.M.E. Racing in Melbourne, now make an all Aluminuim Block for our famous Holden V8. It can take up to 400 cubes. They also make Aluminuim Heads to suit as well as cams etc etc.

Sema Online This site is Huge, with an A to Z Links to the aftermarket industry of America. From Drag racing to 4WD you name it

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