This is our cheap shop hack we picked up a while back to use as a test mule. This 1986 VL model was released in many different versions, this one being just a plain old poverty pack equipped with the 3 litre straight 6 Nissan motor. These are very popular cars with the lads, as they are easily modified, and in particular the Turbo version is capable of serious power.
The problem is though the Nissan computer isn't programmable.
A lot of guys over the years have asked if the VL can be converted to Delco, so we thought we should convert one and develop conversion kits for others.
The conversion is quite straight forward, and we were quite impressed with the low down power increase we achieved after conversion. It arcs up the tyres very easily……...
Initially we converted to a MAP sensor system using 808 Delco computer straight from VN Commodore.
The car was very easy to map and is a worthwhile conversion.
Our next step was to run one of our recent new MAF software releases, which allows the use a Air Frequency Meter from the Buick / Holden Ecotech V6 and is used in conjunction with the MAP sensor, and is run also on the VN style 808 computer.
Got you interested????  Well it sure impressed us. When we first restarted it with the new program in it, we couldn't believe that we hardly even had to touch the fuel curve. All you have to do is, basically dial in the cylinder size (ie 500cc for 3L 6 cyl.) and the air meter does the rest.   

The spark had to be reduced quite a bit lower down in the rev range, as it pinged quite bad as it did prior when running on the MAP sensor alone. This was easily fixed. We used a VN V6 calibration BAAN as our base program, and hardly had to touch anything else.
This is the beauty of Kalmaker, as it already has full factory calibrations included. All the hard work is done. You only need to adjust to suit your engine.

I went on Holidays recently up north, and decided to take the old girl instead of my new car, as I didn't want to wreck the VT on the red dusty corrugated dirt roads around the Wittenoom Gorges (Karijini). See photos below
This was the best durabilty test you could give a car. The roads shook the shit out the car and us. I towed a trailer with our camp gear, so it gave the car a good work out. The computer was a Real Time Kalmaker setup complete with real time board. I did take a spare ecm with the calibration saved on a memcal, but didn't need it.
Before I left, I spent a bit of time with the Autronics air fuel ratio meter in the tail pipe, making sure the fuel was right and not too lean when in Lean Cruise mode, especially as I was towing trailer, however when using Lean Cruise, it only operates in a user defined area, so as the engine loads up it comes out of Lean Cruise anyway, but I wanted to make sure, as I didn't want over heating etc up North.
Well it performed flawlessly. I was getting 450 km's out of 45 lire tank towing trailer, which is pretty good.
450 k's equals 280 miles. 45 litres is 10 imperial gallons which equals 28 mpg ( approx 25mpUSg)

The Conversion

The first thing to do was to convert the distributor to be compatable with the Delco.We had 2 options. Retain the optical pickup and simply change the slotted disc, or change the whole innards to the more reliable Hall Effect pickup. We chose the latter,using the chopper wheel and Hall Effect pickup from a 6 cyl XF/EA Ford Falcon.
This in turn hooks up to a V8 EFI Holden ignition module.

Top. Original dizzy on left. Modified on right.
Lower. Falcon Hall effect chopper wheel with custom brass shaft adaptor bush.
Turned down rotor button holder upper left.

Top. Dismantled dizzy with old and new bits.
Lower. Assembled dizzy with "Big Squirt" injector driver in front.

The only parts that needed fabricating was the brass bush to adapt the chopper wheel to the Nissan dizzy shaft, then the part that originally held the disc down that the rotor button fits on to, had to be turned down to fit chopper wheel top. We also had to make a mounting plate to mount the Pickup onto to get the height right.

To fire the Low Impedance 2 ohmn Nissan Injectors, we have developed our own special "Big Squirt" Injector Driver box, that prevents the High Impedance Delco driver from burning out, and is fitted near the computer inside the kick panel.

Pictured left is the Custom billet IAC mounting block. This replaces the Nissan unit on the rear of the plenum and fits in with all existing hardware, and of course uses the GM IAC

Photos of engine bay on next page

The trip up north, near Mt Newman