V8 Customs

Just some of the machines setup with Kalmaker, and tuned by either Alan Gibbs or Daniel Collins

This beautiful 37 coupe belongs to John from Waroona, and was completely built by Hank Robinson. It runs a mildly modified 5.7L TPI Chev with T700. To run this we have used Kalmaker Street Pro 3 with Delco 1227165 computer. Note MAP sensor on side of plenum, and no MAF sensor. This is one of the nicest cars I've ever driven, unbelievably better than most new cars.   

This is my BRUTE 1970 Holden HT Ute fitted with 400 Chev TPI, Brodix Heads, mild Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam, also using 165 computer.
Best 1/4 mile time of 12.94 secs.
On street Yokohama A509 tyres through 2.75 gears and  Turbo 350 trans.
Built as a torque monster work ute, and to prove the point that torque wins races, nothing could touch this on the street on street tyres…..not even most WRX's. 

This 59 Coupe has been fitted with a '76 SB 400 fitted with '87 TPI, and is coupled to a '96 4L60e electronic trans. How's that for a combination.
To run this we have fitted a Delco 16176424 PCM and tuned it using Kalmaker W30 Workshop software.
You can see the PCM (not fixed yet) in the glove box along with MAP sensor, with relays and fuses hidden.
To drive the cable speedo, we replaced the main shaft and extension housing with T700 item to fit speedo drive gears, and then used Getrag yoke which incorporates 40 tooth VSS reluctor ring, and then fabricated pickup bracket to suit, giving the best of both worlds.
Note clean engine bay, with the only visible evidence of the efi wiring harness showing where it passes thru' the firewall behind rocker cover. Battery is in boot / trunk.

Chevy Pickup fitted with late 350/T700 with custom manifold modified by Daniel Collins to accept 8 injectors and 1000 cfm throttle body which replaced the TBI. The 747 ecm was replaced with 808 ecm and programmed with Street Pro 3. End result was heaps more everything, with much better economy.

Check out this. She's no show queen, the owner built this Sleeper all himself. It is a 5L fitted with 2 turbo's from Nissan VG30, through 2 intercoolers made from A/C units. Tuned with Street Pro 3, this car was very easily programmed and made blistering power, and drove fantastic. Full credit to owner's home built engineering.