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This is our Work Ute. I was thinking of importing a Buick Grand National turbo V6 and installing it into my trusty work ute, which is a 93 VR Holden Commodore Ute (Australian speak for Utility / Pickup vehicle)
Upon talking with one of my American friends, he suggested I should look at the SC3800 as we already have these in Australia in other model Commodores.
My first thoughts (being a staunch V8 fan )were these were a bit gay, I believed they were just a V6 with a blower on top, but they tell me they (the L67) have a different crank, rods, pistons, and heads than the natuaral aspirated L34 V6.
Well after surfing the web and visting quite a few Buick and Pontiac GTP sites, I changed my mind. Shortly afterwards I made a few phone calls and bought the last one of a batch of USA imported front wheel drive Buick engines for a bargain, and set about installing it in my rear wheel drive ute.

What I love about the project is, it created a twofold aspect to it.
One, it shows our local guys that these things go pretty hard, and
Two, it shows our American friends how easy it is to re map these engines using our Kalmaker Software.
These guys are screaming out for reprogrammable engine management, so I thought I'd give them something to rub it in……...I love a bit of fun……...

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Here's a few shots of the brand spanking new L67 with the crappy exhaust removed, but otherwise exactly how I bought it. It has 1998 Series 2 SC3800 cast into the block and looked virtually identical to our 96 onwards V6 Ecotech, so I figured all the accessories would bolt on, which they did.
The first problems I could see was the sump, the oil filter location, the water heater pipes, and most of all, the rear facing throttle body.

Almost finished with 240hp at rear wheels, with only mods being decent exhaust and 3.25inch blower pulley. Using a G-Tech, it runs a 14.1 sec quarter mile.
One of the most important mod's we made was to add an Air Temp sensor (MAT) to the under side of blower, see below ,so that we can measure the air temp after its been compressed. This is what counts. From here we can program how much advance we want to suit the different temp ranges.
If the temp cools down from intercooler or h2o injection, we can add timing and make power. If the temp is high (no water etc) then less advance and no damage. This is one thing the factory has got wrong. What good is air temp in air box. If the compressed air temp is 110C and the air box temp is 45C, obviously its going to rattle, even if  water injection brings it down to 80C. This is the main reason that water injection doesn't work on the std system  and then of course not being able to reprogram it.

By calibrating your advance to suit the Manifold Air Temp and then reducing the MAT by adding either h2o or intercooling, you can then add advance back into it increasing power. You have to go easy on the h2o though, because you can drown it.
Kalmaker has the facility to Duty Cycle the water, so elaborate systems can be used.
At this stage we are using basic windscreen washer pump when under boost.

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The next thing was to change to smaller pulley. We noticed that the pulley hub for the power steering on the old motor was just about the right size for blower shaft. It only had to be machined slightly. We removed whole snout to do this properly and then made our own 3.25 in aluminum pulley.
Shown here is trial fitting. This also required shorter belt.

Above, engine installed without blower, this allowed for easy access for wiring changes, which very minor.

Below, shows shot of bellhousing of V6 4L60e.
This was kitted with Corvette servos etc and extra clutch packs

Twin blowers……….
I've just got to work out how to hook them up……….
This flick shows the difference between the Aussie blower (top) and the American blower with the throttle body hanging out the rear compared to the different angle entry fitted with elbow.
Our throttle body doesn't have MAF sensor built in.
The lower flicks show elbow, and different inlet entry
Our elbow wont fit U.S. housing without severe massage…

Under Construction

More to come…..