Most people when they receive their Street Pro 3 kit, get it setup and running quite quickly and easily.
However, most of those same people get to the Variable List (list of maps) and freak out usually with a similar reaction like "Holy Shit ! What have I bought??? How am I ever going to learn all this"
At first it's quite intimidating, but once you start to "suss it out", you realise that you don't actually use all of the variables, as many of them are factory set and don't need changing.
There's plenty of help on how to use Kalmaker commands etc, but this section is about the heart of the calibrations, the actual Variables.


To find the Variable List, first you must Load a Calibration.
To do this, Select Buffer 1 or 2 \ Read \ kal3.bin \ (select calibration \
THEN, Select Buffer 1 \ Edit

Listed are the 25 most used variables starting at top of list. Press the
Help Button when in each Variable for further information

11 GEN:OPT:EOPTCA  Note: All Variables that end in A or B, refer to Kalmaker Twin Tables.
                                                 Table A is default, Table B will not work without Kalmaker Switch
          Displayed here are 8 buttons, press the individual button to enable.
          VE INT UPDATE. Select this to Automatically Tune Fuel
          LEAN CRUISE. Select to Enable. See  variables 106 to 110
          VECT ENABLE: Closed throttle fuel map, used mainly with bigger cams. See variable 123
          DISABLE BLM: Turns off Block Learn Update whilst tuning.
37 VAR:KPH:PPK, Speed Sensor Constant. Tyre size, diff ratio effect TCC , Transient Fuel and IAC
47 SPK:BAS:IACADV, effects idle quality, use more advance for bigger cams
48 SPK:BAS:RUNADVA, THIS IS Main Spark Advance map
50 SPK:BAS:CLT CRN, controls Main Advance when engine coolant too hot or cold.
51 SPK:BAS:MAT CRN, controls Main Advance when air temp excessively hot.
64 SPK:OUT:REFANG,  Change reference angle to suit different distributors
71 SPK:ESC:LOCLT, temperature setting allows knock sensor to activate or not.
76 SPK:ESC:IGNCTS, knock sensor can ignore engine noise like roller rockers etc.
103 FUL:AFR:IACAFR, commanded air fuel ratio in closed loop idle. Adjust to suit temp.
106 FUL:AFR:RUNAFR, commanded air fuel ratio. Only top end may need changing to suit, say 12.5 to 1
111 FUL: OUT:INJRAT, this injector rate multiplied by cylinder size gives base pulse constant.
112 FUL:OUT:CYLSIZ, see above. Injector sizes listed here.
123 FUL:OUT:VET, closed throttle VE (fuel) map. Ignores MAP sensor. VECT must be selected to enable.
124 FUL:OUT:VE, This is the Main Fuel Map, and is the most used map. See how to use VE UPDATE
177 FUL:CUT:LORPMA, is the rpm that the rev limit cuts back in, usually 50 to 100rpm lower than cut out.
178 FUL:CUT:HIRPMA, is the actual rpm that the rev limit cuts fuel.
215 IAC:DES:RPMDR, is desired idle speed in Drive (if auto)
216 IAC:DES:RPMPN, is desired idle speed in Park or Neutral (if auto)
217 IAC:DES:RPMMT, is desired idle speed if Manual Trans
233 IAC:TRA:BYTSTP, adds steps to idle air control when decelerating to prevent stalling at idle.
234 IAC:TRA:BYMMAP, lift these if using bigger cams to enable bypass steps above.
use these 3 masks to flag trouble codes, eg M43 knock sensor, M24 speed sensor

These are the most common Variables used and is all that is needed to tune even quite wild engines.

The Variables listed on this page, are explained in much greater detail and included on the Kalmaker CD that is included when purchasing the kits.