Q. What are the minimum laptop requirements?

  1. A reasonable brand Pentium 100 would do. We recommend starting at Pentium 133 up wards, but avoid using later models with USB ports only. Also Kalmaker is still MS-DOS based, and will not work with Windows XP.
      See Laptop Types List

Q. With Kalmaker I would still need to have blank memcals every time I change a
setting wouldn't I? Does Kalmaker use a Memcal?

  1. You do not need a memcal at all with Kalmaker. We have an option when doing multiple cars, where you use one real time computer as your main programming ecm, and then each calibration can be saved onto a memcal and used in each car. This is the most cost effective way to program several vehicles. However you can also simply use realtime computers in each vehicle, this way not requiring memcals, chip burner etc, and this is what more and more guys are turning to. It gives you the most freedom, and is still heaps cheaper than the aftermarket.

Q. Does Kalmaker limit editing to within factory tolerances, or is it fully programmable by the operator?

  1. It is fully programmable by operator. There are no tolerances, but just to clarify, if the factory sets a speed limit to 220kph, or a rev limit to 6000rpm, Kalmaker can either max out speed limit, meaning no speed limit, and increase rev limit to what the software allows. In Street Pro 3 this is 9600rpm. Fuel, spark and most things have no limits. The only limit is what the engine can take.

Q. How many different engine setups can be stored. eg. performance mode and economy mode and how easy to switch between the two?

  1. You can store 1000's of individual setups if you wish. Kalmaker also has twin fuel and spark tables, where you select a switch on dash etc, and select. This is usually used for different fuels, or gas. This can be used for power or economy, but to me, power mode is when pedal to the metal, and economy when cruising. All Kalmaker software has optional Lean Cruise mode as used in all late factory software. The twin tables are all stored on the same eprom.

Q. If I purchase the street pro version of the software, can I later purchase the workshop module that has the sequential injection and electronic transmission features available or do you have to purchase each individual workshop module from W00 up in order to qualify to purchase the next module (As stated on the web site street pro is very much the same as W00 and W10).

  1. Yes, you certainly can. The engine side of things work exactly the same way from VN to VS V8 manual. We advise you get the hang of this earlier (easier) software first. You don't need to buy all the different modules. Eg. You can buy SP3 to start with and then buy, say, W30, or if you wish you could buy just W30 by itself.

Q. At the moment most shops think they need $13000 for equip to tune a commodore this correct?

  1. Not true. We advise workshops to start with Street Pro 3, because it is the most flexible, and can be fitted to any engine quite easily. This gives them a very cost effective way to "have a look" and learn how the factory system and Kalmaker works. It doesn't take long for it to pay it's way, and then step into a Workshop module, say VR auto, then say VT V8, and so onů...These 3 are the most popular ones. Its very economical this way.
      Most shops can set up from approx $4500 to cover all models.


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