4WD Customs

This is Brett's (RIP Brett) 89 VN Commodore wagon fitted onto a Nissan Patrol chassis.
It runs a supercharged 5L V8 through T700 auto and is tuned by Brett using Kalmaker 2 bar Street Pro 3.
It's a weapon on the street and off road.
Brett races it off road (sometimes) and has raced it in sand drags absolutely annihilating everything there including sand drag Harleys…...much to everyone's disgust.

Sam calls this his shitter….
He says "Nothing real special about it, 1978 FJ45 Landcrusier ute, diff locks, power steering, four pot calipers all round, T 400 auto, VN headed 308, harrop manifold, 1000 CFM thottle body, three stages of N2O and I use the second (Kalmaker) table for the retard. Normally used for mudracing and wiping the smile off WRX drivers, as it is registered. The last outing to the drag strip my Tojo shitter pulled a 12.8 when it weighed 2200KGs and since then I have taken off the steel tray, towbar, LPG tank etc. and it now weighs 1860KGs so I'm hoping to get very low 12's or maybe a high 11. Yeah, not that exciting but it is a landcruiser!

Trev Palmer's '97 Hilux fitted with Commodore / Buick V6.
This conversion used factory Commodore EFI wiring harness, and we fitted one of our Power Head harness adaptors to connect it all up which also incorporates thermo fan, A/C, oil pressure, CLT temp, Alternator light, and Engine Check Light.
Shown here warming up engine for first time and checking fan cut-in temp.

Pete's fully decked out Nissan Sahara (Saudi Arabia model) with all the bells and whistles.
Pete did this complete conversion himself and has fitted brand new VT 5L to Nissan auto trans, and then delivered it to us for us to wire up and program the sequential VT computer with MAF sensor using our new N60 series software designed for 4WD's, eliminating Body Control Module, which used to control fans, A/C, & dash. 

Under Construction
more to come