Shown here are some of the nicer VL's we have either wired or remapped.
See our own VL hack we use as our test mule here

This Chrome Yellow 87 VL has full Walkinshaw body kit added, and fitted with 96 LT-1 6 speed Corvette engine. We wired up this one recently and fitted VN 808 ecm. Full credit to the owner for the beautiful job he has done.

Fred Watson's VL Walkinshaw on the dyno, after complete engine rebuild by Performance Unlimited in Welshpool. It runs a 355 stroker, with Crane 288, tuned with Kalmaker pumps out 407hp at tyres.
This car used to run a leading brand aftermarket computer. Fred couldn't believe how much better it drove on the Delco 808 when we first fired it up and drove it on a rough base program I had prepared. That was before we had done any mapping. Final tune by Daniel Collins.

This is a very serious streeter, and with the power to weight ratio, is like driving a race cart.
It is a pity, that Holden stopped making this type of Inlet system.
No other car manufacturer has produced a manifold like this, and combining this with the std factory cylinder heads that flow over 400hp out of the box, it has a very unfair advantage over rival Fords and even Chevvy's.
As a comparison, this combo made 407hp at the tyres, whereas a 300kw HSV GTS GEN 3 makes 356hp on the same dyno, and HSV 250kw GEN 3 made 290hp.
On the same dyno, I saw a new TE50 5.7L Ford Tickford with new custom exhaust make only 223hp at tyres.
I felt sorry for the owner, altho' the car was very new, and also the Ford had more low end torque.