VN & VP Commodore

This genuine Group A is fitted with a 383 cube stroker built by COME . The package from COME includes memcal written by COME using Kalmaker.
We fitted Street Pro 3 to it, to see if we could get more out of it.
see dyno printout here.
The injectors maxxed out at 409hp
The air pod was only temporary. Using air pod under bonnet like this exposed to heat, kills HP big time. Tuned by Daniel Collins

This is Dave Marsh's animal VP.
It has 355 stroker, ported heads, massive Crane 288 solid cam, and fitted with modified and ported Starr manifold with 90ml throttle body.
Behind the engine is a Tremec TKO 5 speed manual trans running through 3.7 gears and mini spool.
Last time we had this on the dyno, it made 420hp at the tyres.
It is serious fun to drive.
This is one of those engines that the critics say cant be run on a Delco, because the cam is too radical for the MAP sensor.
It idles at 1120 rpm like a Pro Stocker at 65 kpa without even having to filter the MAP signal.
This is mainly due to a special Kalmaker Closed Throttle VE (fuel) map, which ignores the MAP sensor at closed throttle, and allows set fuel in 100 rpm increments.
I love this car and cant understand why the factory never made this spec engine standard issue…….
It is very embarrassing for GEN 3 owners……..