VT Commodore

Joes VT GTS was the only car from W.A. to be in the Street Commodores Top 10 of the Year 2000, and it's not hard to see why. Have a look at Joes website
The engine is a 370 cube stroked Holden, with no expense spared. Heads are Bennett alloys with Crane 272 solid roller cam, fitted with 90ml Starr manifold.
We had hoped for 400 plus hp at the tyres, but didn't quite make it, but the torque from this combo is something else, with traction being almost non existent. Joe almost got booked for Dangerous Driving at the Dragstip!!! And ended up with low 13's on street tyres. Cant wait to get some slicks on her.
We used Kalmaker Workshop W61 to tune this, which incorporates the software to use the large 85ml Air Frequency Meter (MAF) and of course Sequential Injection.
The end result is a "Pure Grunt Machine" but very docile and classy to drive, and considering the cam in it, with its brute sounding idle, its purr's at 950 rpm.
Transmission is a kitted out 4L60e, recalibrated to shift soft while cruising, but hard when hammering, and running through a custom alloy "9 inch" IRS diff with 3.5 gears. 

This is my VT. At present it is still running original 5.0L V8, fitted with Jet Hot coated Genie extractors and HSV GTS 3 " exhaust, it now puts out 220 hp at tyres after being remapped using Kalmaker Workshop.
It made 203hp when I bought it. While its not a big gain on top end, remapping has made a huge difference down low and midrange.
One of these day's I'll find time to put in my 5.7L twin throttle body setup. Cant wait……..