VT, VX & VY L67 Commodore

The L67 supercharged V6 was first introduced in the VS and ran through to the end of VY
The VX shown here was bought from Mat Duell to which he fitted a FIT Intercooler kit
The intercooler plate fits between the blower and the manifold as shown, and routes the compressed hot air out to the front, through the actual intercooler where it cools down the air charge, and then back into the rear of the plate into the engine.
You can see the size of the 18psi pulley that this allows you to run with this setup. This really spins the blower and heats the air to unbelievable temps, but the cooler brings it back to a safe level, and this mod alone usually adds at least 80 hp at the rear wheels.

The photos still show the MAF sensor in place, but this car is running our new W54 software which is a Mafless setup. The extra volume of air in this type of intercooler really effects the way the standard factory tune runs the cars and needs some serious tuning to get it to run right using the Air Flow Meter (MAF) or AFM as it is correctly known.
Our new W53 software allows the AFM either by itself, and/or with 2 Bar MAP sensor, and
Our new W54 software allows it to be 2 Bar MAP sensor only.
Both systems work beautiful and makes tuning way easier, with end results like a factory tune, but with another 100hp

You can see the cooler through the front clip, and also the pulley sitting up higher, in fact it just clears the bonnet (hood)
Below are a couple of shots of the intercooler and plate before installation
These are no longer available by FIT in Australia, but there is a chance that they will be made in USA in the future
This engine is stock std apart from 1.9 rocker ratio and made 286hp at the rear wheels, and makes 250rw hp at 2800rpm which is about the same power a standard GEN3 makes at full noise.