4 cylinder customs

Reluctor Crank Trigger is drilled through flywheel and uses VK Commodore EST sensor.

This Clubman was built by Peter Jenkins in Victoria, and is fitted with Toyota 4AG 20 valve.
Pete fitted a 4 cyl. GM "wasted spark" DFI unit we import from USA to take care of ignition.
Using a Delco 808 and Kalmaker Street Pro 3, Pete has used all sensors including Variable Valve Timing. The 4 individual throttle bodies feed the engine using a combination of MAP sensor, and TPS mode. This car has now claimed 2 Hill Climb events.
According to Martin Donnan of Zoom Magazine, these engines wont run on a Delco…haha

Another one of Peter Jenkins projects. Pete's been fitting Delco's to all kinds of engines since 1988, including Jaguar 6's and V12, and Harley Davidson's.
You can see his V12 in the rear of picture above.
Engine bay of V12 is on Index Page

More to come


While we're at it, Pete set this Evo Harley up as well.
Uses 2L Camira throttle body.
Shown here very unfinished, but up and running.