Newcomers to EFI

Notice the carbies missing. The Hilborne scoop is sitting right on top of the tunnel ram. A few weeks ago, it ran 2 Holley's

Ken's 454 in 34 Coupe. The only evidence of EFI is the fuel rails.
It has 2 V6 Commodore throttle bodies inside the Hilborne Scoop

Recently, ( way back in 2005...) I was invited over to Canberra by a good friend Choco Munday, where we cruised to the annual 3 day "CRAKK Run" (Canberra Rodders Assoc. Kustom Krooze).
Choco, who has written several books, including "Electronic Engine Management" which is a great book aimed at people wanting to convert to EFI and what's needed with lots of flicks and details.
Meanwhile , Ken Mathews, who had bought Choco's new book , decided that he wanted to fuel inject his Tunnel Rammed 454 34 Ford Coupe, and followed the book in detail and rounded up all the bits and pieces as explained, and converted his Big Block to EFI for $800, the biggest expense being, getting the injector bosses fitted, and fuel rails made up.
Prior to this Ken knew little about EFI, and I was very impressed about how he went about it.
Ken lives in Goulburn NSW and just so happened to be driving up to see Choco on his way to the CRAKK run, so we organised a tuning session using Street Pro 3, and within a few hours we had it running as sweet as, with very impressive results.
Ken was blown away at the difference, as I was with his conversion.

This is what tempted me to write this page for others that are keen to investigate EFI but are a little unsure of themselves and some of the confusion out there.
First of all I recommend buying Choco's book, Electronic Engine Management, you can order it here.

One thing we are big on here at Kalmaker is to encourage those that are willing to have a go themselves to save money and get the thrill of self achievement.

From that, the most common question is, "What is the cheapest way and how do I go about finding the right parts to convert to EFI using the GM, AC Delco system as used on Holden Commodores etc." ( and/or the 1986 to 1989 TPI F-Body and Corvettes)

Answer: Go find a 2L JE Holden Camira wreck (Only in Australia and NZ) and get the EFI engine wiring harness and as many of the sensors that are connected to it as possible including distributor or at least ignition module from it. Also get the fuel pump and complete bracket that it mounts to, as well as the Delco 808 computer from inside behind the dash on passengers side.
You shouldn't pay anymore than $50 for the harness, as this usually goes to the crusher with the body as nobody (in their right mind) wants these parts.
The reason for this harness is, firstly it uses the magnetic reluctor type ignition, and this is the most common type of module required when using "other brands" of distributors, so it has the correct plugs, and secondly it is the only harness I know of that has the relays and fuses built into it to run the EFI and Fuel Pump, whereas all other GM harnesses have this in the body harness, and this has to be built separate when using these other harnesses.

Next I recommend buying the Holden Engine Management workshop manual as described on opening page 3 , here
Then download and print our wiring diagrams which suit the Delco 808 computer and have a close look at them and you'll start figuring out that its not that complicated.
These diagrams suit any engine and suits 4,6 & 8 cylinders. 

Even Choco figured it out…….and he wrote the book……
Here he is "kidding" around in his tunnel rammed 360 '36 Dodge Coupe with his lovely wife.
The engine is actually running here with his solenoid operated uncorked headers. Noisy buggar…
Once we set up the TPS sensor correctly on the twin 4 barrel 1000cfm EFI Hardware Throttle Bodies it fairly howled