Lexus 1UZ EF Project

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Ive left this page here for interest only, it is now out of date and the info at the bottom is incorrect
Finally (Way Back in 2002) I have my hands on one of the Lexus 1UEZ V8 quad cam engines.
My task is to produce an easy and cost effective conversion kit using the Delco computer for engine management and also, followed by a Delco PCM that with special written Kalmaker Software to control the Electronic Toyota Automatic transmission.
The main mission is to adapt the ignition components so that the earlier, cheap abundant 808 Delco's can read the ignition sensors so it can control ignition and timing.
The rest of the conversion as far as the other sensors and fuel, is straight forward.
One of the drawbacks of using factory computers is, that they were generally only designed to use the type of ignition they were intended for, whereas the aftermarket computers, are designed and built to run as many different types of ignition as possible, and are simply user selectable. This makes interfacing to different engines a snap, but doesn't help me, and something I get envious about…….
However with some typical "hotrod ingenuity" it is not too hard to adapt GM ignition parts to any engine, and get it up and running.

1UEZ with front covers removed exposing cam belts and dizzy housings (caps removed)
Note how cluttered engine and harness is, in order to keep compact. Clever, but fiddly to work with.

12 notch Crank trigger at bottom (bottom pulley removed) with magnetic pickup mounted at approx 5 o'clock. The 2 distributors have the dizzy caps removed

The 1 UZ ignition is operated by a crank trigger, and then has 2 (4 cyl) distributors, 1 mounted on each bank of one of the overhead camshafts. Also attached in each of these are a cam shaft position sensor.

There are several ways to connect to GM ignition
First the most exotic way, and 2nd most easiest, is to install the LT5 Corvette or Cadillac Northstar DFI Coilpaks and do away with the distributors altogether. This only requires the crank trigger replacing.
Although this is the most expensive way, it is still way cheaper than aftermarket coilpaks such as Electromotive, and still cheaper than a reasonable aftermarket computer system.

The next way is to install a Dicks Electronics signal converter box, that uses all the Toyota sensors, but converts it so that the Delco can read it. This is the easiest way as it requires no mods and engine does not have to be touched at all.
The drawback with this is, it requires 2 Holden V8 ignition modules, and that combined with the magic box brings the price not far behind the coilpaks above.
Also when we tried this we had problems with the box, which questioned the reliablity, and of course the impossibility of buying another in a breakdown situation.

The third way which I am working on here, is by far the most cheapest and still quite easy to perform.
All it requires is the crank trigger modifying, changing it from 12 notches to 4 at 90 degrees, and adding a "grounding ring plate" to each distributor to stop cross firing, and this uses the Holden JE Camira ignition module, which is exactly the same as used in the TPI and TBI Chev distributors.

UPDATE NOTE, This 3rd way does not work.

LT5 Corvette DFI coilpaks

Unmodified crank trigger

Left picture shows inserting prototype hand made grounding ring (made from 3 1/2" exhaust tube) which simply presses in and has 2 positioning tangs (1 at top and thumb on other) which are located in 2 filed slots in housing. The cap holds this in position.
Centre picture shows replacing cap which has approx 15ml cut off bottom to clear ring.
Right picture with cap back in place complete. How easy is that?

JE Camira ignition module shown at bottom left which is identical to TPI and TBI Chev V8 module as shown.
These are under $100 new.
The top 2 silver pins connect to pickup, the bottom 2 pin plug connects to coil, and bottom 4 pin plug to computer. Simple as that.

The next step will be making wiring harness
And installing K Dog Tiptronic for transmission control…...soon

The next update will be approx 2 weeks…. Yeah, right…...

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