My 32 Roadster

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Well, after years of being a Hotrod fan, but not actually owning one, things started changing with my association with Hank Robertson, here in Perth.
Hank is a long time professional "rod" builder, and as Hank progressed into the EFI arena, he made the smart decision to choose the GM Delco computer in his cars, because to Hank, Hotrods are all about drive-ability. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in several of Hanks' clients EFI Rods, and had the luxury to drive and tune these cars.
It didn't take long to notice the quality of the ride, and handling capabilities, and I was able to test these vehicles and make my own decision on the negative things that "Hotrod Critics" have to say about rods and their bad manners, such as bump steer, poor brakes and handling, wont go around corners etc etc….
Well I soon realised that it pays to leave some things to the experts……...
This was backed up when I got to help Steve Hoolahan wire and tune his 32 Coupe, especially as he chose to use a EFI Holden V8 and electronic transmission, so in my case it just so happened that I already had a brand new 355 VT GTS stroker version of this engine and brand new VN Group A twin throttle body manifold setup, and I had never seen one of these in a rod before, so with Hanks experience I decided to bite the bullet and commission Hank to do all the hard work for me.
Fate had it that Alan Wood was selling his new fibreglass "Deuce Customs" 32 Roadster body in favour of a Brookeville steel body, and so with the parting of a few dollars the "Kalmaker 32 Roadster" project was born.

The first 2 ingredients
Bringing the body home,
And the "Donk" at right.
It's a mild 355 cube VT Holden with VN Group A  twin throttle body manifold.
I'll be disappointed if it doesn't make 300hp at the treads.

I'm going for the very traditional look with these wheels and black body. Not too much chrome.
Probably red front axle and diff, and Dark Red leather interior.
Check out the Lakes pipes and 34 Dodge instrument panel.
Its running a Turbo 700 trans with ED Falcon diff
Shown here just returned from second ASRF inspection, so now we can start painting and finishing.
The plan is to paint her up with some beaut Kalmaker graphics and use it is a daily driver and demo vehicle. We're making a removable roll cage, as we intend to point her down the strip a bit…...
More to come….

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Here we are at the next stage with chassis back from powder coaters.
You can see Rod Browns "Wild Rat" orange blown big block 34 getting built alongside mine.
Rod did my upholstery.
Next came the painted body and then it was reassembly time