• We make a range of EFI harnesses to fit Holden V6 & V8, and Chev TPI & LT-1 to suit conversions.
  • Our Harnesses are made from brand new OEM parts including new factory original color coded wire.
  • We include Speed Sensor wiring,Torque converter lockup, Diagnostic link, Fuse block and Relays and Service Engine light .
  • We can also include wiring for A/C and Cooling Fan Control.
  • Note that, as most used engines come complete with factory harness, we make an adaptor harness called our "Power Head" that plugs right in, only requiring 4 wires to be connected in car. These are, Positive Battery, Negative Battery, Ignition, and Fuel pump.

Note to Chev TPI owners- There is no need to modify your Chev TPI distributor to Hall Effect with our system. We use the Chev Reference Angle in our Calibration.

We also provide a "Roll in - Drive out" service      Contact Us  for details

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