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The difference with us here at Injection Connection, (apart from reading and understanding all of the Factory Manuals...haha) is, not only have we performed countless EFI conversions on a wide scope of vehicles,  but because we use several different models of the Delco computer, and use Kalmaker software to change all these models, we understand how the software works, and how the different model computers work, and how they control the different features. Very few people understand this.
Because of this we can add extra bits to the software to control things in different ways.
Eg, we can make a VN 808 computer do things that only a late VT computer can do, or we can make a late VT computer do a trick that only a VS series 3 can do.

What this means to you is, we can save you heaps by not having to buy add-on pieces of hardware, and not being sold wrong or incompatible parts.
We can help you select the right parts (new or used) before you start, or advise what would be the better computer model to use to suit your application.
Don't learn the hard way, use our experience.

We also support Do-It-Yourselfer's and encourage it, after all that's what Hot Rodding is about.
This is a free service we provide, and if I can't  answer your questions, I can point you to someone that can.
I can also fax wiring diagrams, ( to genuine enquiries) that show how the Delco needs to be hooked up.
We are not worried about missing out on sales, but we can provide all, or any parts you may need that you are having trouble locating.
We also fabricate some parts, that no-one else makes.
We usually don't make other parts that other companies are already manufacturing.
We believe in the theory that it all goes around, and if we can gain your trust, you will come back to us.

We try to provide Links to other companies that fabricate quality parts that we use and recommend.